About us

Aromatic Fragrances International, Inc. (AFI) is a close knit family of professionals working together to make quality products at competitive prices for businesses both big and small.

AFI’s dedicated staff has 50+ years of combined experience in the fragrance industry. Our extensive fragrance library, duplication process, and fast production times, ensures every customer exactly what they need to succeed both big and small. Raising the bar in the fragrance manufacturing industry is our goal by combining old fashioned values with new world resources.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide quality fragrances at competitive prices to those looking for more than just another fragrance supplier.

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Our Commitment:

When you call us, we roll up our sleeves to get the job done. Our success is measured by the success of your company so creating custom fragrances for our customers, meeting deadlines, and maintaining the highest quality standards is our commitment to you.
Our Staff:
  1. Sean Riordan – President
  2. Josh Thompson – Vice President
  3. Kevin Mitchell - General Manager
  4. Merrill Hardin - Lab Manager
  5. Ron Detz – Perfumer
  6. Shimiel Small – Jr Perfumer
  7. Randy Corbin – Sales
  8. Jody Thompson – Customer Service
  9. Liz Suarez – Customer Service
  10. Sheena Holder – Customer Service
  11. Zachary Blakely – Production Manager
  12. Robert Montgomery – Shift Supervisor
  13. Jeffrey Gearing – Production
  14. James Hackett – Production
  15. Mike Bates – Production
  16. Jessica Bihm – Lab Tech
  17. Ligia Suarez – Lab Tech