Family Based

Here at AFI, we don’t have employees or customers–we are all one large family. As soon as you start your journey with us, you become one of us. As everyone knows–family comes first; we pride ourselves in providing you top quality fragrance to help your business succeed.

Facility for Brands That Sell Everything

Here at AFI, we have a top of the line production crew working around the clock to assure your satisfaction! Each order is custom made to suit your business needs. From startups to large businesses, we supply you fragrance for all of your needs!

Quality Fragrances

Before they are even out the door, our fragrances go through an extensive 4 step process to ensure utmost quality. We promise you will be able to smell the difference with our products.

Custom Fragrances

Every custom order is handcrafted by team of experts. We can ensure customer satisfaction with each order you place with us.

Family-Owned Fragrance Manufacturer in Cartersville, GA

Finding the Right Scent to Meet Your Needs

Aromatic Fragrances International is a fragrance manufacturer in Cartersville, GA, that is committed to producing scents of the highest quality. Our family-owned company creates custom essential oil blends for businesses that need the right aroma for their brand. The fragrances we manufacture are used in a variety of applications, including aromatherapy products, scented candles, bath and body supplies, aerosols, industrial cleaners, and more.

Whether you want to choose a new fragrance from our library or you need to match an existing scent with scientific accuracy, our team is here for you. We use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver custom scents that meet your exact expectations. As our customer, your complete satisfaction with our fragrances is the highest priority.